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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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impression on her!
Lord Stafford is come over to marry Miss Cantillon4, a vast fortune, of his own religion. She is daughter of the Cantillon who was robbed and murdered, and had his house burned by his cook a few years ago8. She is as ugly as he ; but when she comes to Paris, and wears a good deal of rouge, and a separate apartment, who knows but she may be a beauty! There is no telling what a woman is, while she is as she is.
There is a great fracas in Ireland in a noble family or two, . . .6 heightened by a pretty strong circumstance of Iricism. A Lord Belfield7 married a very handsome daughter8 of a Lord Molesworth9. A certain Arthur Koch-fort, who happened to be acquainted in the family, by being Lord Belfield's own brother, looked on this woman, and saw she was fair. . . ,10 These ingenious people, that their history might not be discovered, corresponded under feigned names—And what names do you think they chose ?—Silvia and Philander! Only the very same that Lord Grey u and his sister-in-law12 took upon a parallel occasion, and which are printed in their letters13!
* Henrietta Cantillon (d. 1761), daughter of Eiohard Cantillon ; m. 1. (1743) William Matthias Stafford-Howard, third Earl of Stafford; 2. (1759) Eobert Maxwell, second Baron (afterwards Earl of) Farnham.
5  Bichard Cantillon, a financier, and author of an Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en g6niral, published after his death.   He assisted Law in his schemes, and after acquiring a large fortune, settled  in  London, where he was murdered (1784) by his servants, who robbed him, and set fire to his house.   The fire was extinguished, and the body found. The murderer was never captured.
6  Passage omitted.
7  Eobert   Eochfort,   first   Baron Belfield, or. Earl of Belvedere, 1756.
8  Hon.  Mary Molesworth,  eldest daughter of third Viscount Moles-worth.
9  Eichard  Molesworth (d.  1758), third Viscount Molesworth; entered the army and acted as A.D.C. to Marlborough, whose life he saved at EamUlies (1706).   He served against the rebels in 1715.
10  Passage omitted.
" Ford Grey (1655-1701), third Baron Grey of Werke, or. Earl of Tankerville, 1695 ; Commissioner of Trade, 1696 ; Lord of the Treasury, 1699; First Lord of the Treasury, 1699-1700.
12 Lady Henrietta Berkeley, fifth daughter of first Earl of Berkeley; d. unmarried in 1710.
18 Love  Letters  between  a Noble-